11301 Rose Avenue

This garden is primarily California native and all drought resistant.

There are native grasses, Manzanita bushes, California lilacs, native fuchsia, snapdragon, Matilija poppy and coffeeberry. Also 3 trees: Toyon, madrone and red bud. In the Spring, the California poppies grow from reseeding and are a favorite. Matilija poppies are spectacular and if in bloom on the tour will be a real treat!

They water 0-2 times a week depending on the season, generally for 5 minutes or less depending on the zone and at 5 AM in the morning. This year they added a rain barrel!

In addition, they save the kitchen water from rinsing vegetables, etc, and use it to water the potted plants in the front and back.

This homeowner also has solar panels which are visible from the street or driveway. The inverters are visible from inside the gate and they are happy to discuss this with guests – their electric bill was reduced by approximately half.