3347 Wade Street

The homeowners will showcase both front and back property and will help you build your confidence to try out new landscaping and edibles ideas. Almost all work was and is done by the owners.

The new front yard was inspired by last year’s tour. It includes a thriving monarch butterfly habitat, succulents, natives, wildflowers, a kumquat tree and favorite plants from the prior palette. The backyard is a 5-year running year-round kitchen garden of raised beds – edibles and flowers to attract beneficial insects and birds. Worm bins are part of the family. There is a rainwater barrel. Plant experiments are everywhere and much of the palette was started from cuttings or seeds.

The homeowners will provide informational displays, handouts and lots of practical, low-cost tips to help convince you that you have an inner green thumb, and, in spite of the fact that there’s never enough time, you can successfully transform your earth spot one step at a time and have a lot of fun.


  1. This backyard will be open on the tour.
    There is a Master Gardener/irrigation expert friend who will be at this garden.
    They will also have Smartgardening LA brochures + some seeds they've collected as well as small plants which will be complimentary.

  2. Notes from this garden -
    It was so amazing, rewarding, great to meet neighbors and some from afar, fun to share ideas and valuable to boot. People on the tour were discussing a lot w/each other about how to focus on what they wanted and there's a lot of interest in edibles right now, which is wonderful. I think that what people appreciated the most was all of the information I had, many were taking notes and photos all over the place. There were many who stayed to tag along and hear other people's questions, that was very rewarding to see.
    What I did:
    - Put up about 15 fun signs, on plant stakes, waist high,around the garden. Had the neighborhood kids decorate them. They
    helped people focus and figure out what questions to ask.
    - Had a good friend, Deni Friese, who's a Master Gardener and Landscape person, here with me. That was invaluable, I couldn't have fielded all the questions solo. She did the irrigation extensions and consulted on raised
    beds for me.
    - Made a poster of my prior water bills and showed that it peaked when I had the gardening passion + no beds, explained key terms about a water bill and had the latest LA Times article on what's changing w/water.
    - Had another poster of photos of the yard during its evolution, right beside the water bills poster.
    - Potted and gave away 100 or so little plants (baby basil, sweet peas, scented geranium, etc). Gave away many seed packets, too. Some
    little edible starters in pony packs (squash). I did all that from surplus seeds and cuttings.
    - Had a table with some favorite gardening books from the library, to show how great our library system is, plus my garden journal,the SmartGardening LA monthly columns and my favorite gardening articles, some burlap as a method of covering seeds, some reusable food containers to start seeds, Bag Balm, simple stuff.
    - Had a basket of SmartGardening LA materials (composting workshops schedules, how to compost, vermicompost, etc.).
    - Had many materials about the Culver City Garden Club (brochure,annual show info)
    - Copies of a quick handout I made that I called Top 10 Kitchen Gardening. I put my e-mail on that in case anybody has questions.
    - Tried to ensure each guest got their questions answered and tried to show a lot of support for those getting started.
    - Got a ton of questions re. the raised beds I have (which are a kit, 80% plastic, 20 recycled wood, something like that).