12579 Westminster Avenue - Cluster 3B


This homeowner is the owner of Gardenerd and will be available to answer questions about vegetable gardening and composting. The homeowners have four chickens on their urban homestead and will be sharing their experiences with tour goers! 

The backyard organic vegetable garden will be featured on this year’s tour, but be sure to check out the front yard’s use of California natives and drought tolerant plants (designed by Jack Irish) as you pass through. What makes the front yard unique is the mini orchard of citrus and stone fruit trees.

The backyard vegetable garden features 6 rain barrels (with room for more) that they use to water the plants, allowing them to turn off their drip irrigation system from November through April each year. They utilize a 3-bin composting system plus a worm bin to turn kitchen, garden and coop waste into nutrient-rich soil and fertilizer. 

They have a sprinkler system that runs on a timer in zones. With the clay soil and slow drainage, they have found that watering every 5 days was all it needed (4 minutes max). The fruit trees get watered once a month.

This is a unique opportunity to get advice about organic gardening from a master!

They'll be sharing information about chicken and bee keeping, as well as small-space organic gardening.