3343 Inglewood Boulevard

This garden has been designed, planted, and maintained by the homeowner.   The front garden came into being about 4 years ago due to the old grass yard being demolished during a house remodel and the homeowner deciding it would be interesting to create a landscape without grass.  The only goal for the garden was an intent that foliage create contrasting colors, shapes, and textures.  

Water is supplied to the garden using micro sprinklers and drip outlets.  Now that the front garden is mature it is watered at most once a week for an hour or so, and during the winter months it can go for multiple weeks with no watering at all.  It is definitely a drought tolerant landscape.  

This home has previously been on the Garden tour, but this year has added an edible garden in the back yard using both fenced off ground areas along with planter boxes built by the homeowner.  They are in the process of setting up a composting system, and hopefully will be using the product of the system soon.  Additionally, the family has become interested in Monarch butterfly habitat, and this year planted an area with milkweed and are enjoying watching caterpillars turn to chrysalis', and finally into beautiful butterflies. See a photo video of the garden here

Photos by Renee Tondelli, video by Abby Gore - thank you!