12214 Charnock Road

A beautiful example of how lush a succulent garden can be!

This garden began 11 years ago, when the then new owners transplanted beloved cacti and succulents from their previous home in Venice. Over a ten-year period, they broke the old driveway to expand the front garden and created paths from the concrete fragments. They also dug up the parkway turf, filling the space with grosso lavender that bloomed gloriously for five years. And they continued to expand their succulent collection through sharing cuttings with friends and neighbors.

A year ago they began working with landscape designer Sheri Powell-Wolff, owner of Compost TEAna’s Organic Landscapes, to enhance the sustainability factor in the garden. Their main priorities were to redistribute existing plants to the extent possible rather than buy a lot of new ones, improve soil quality and replace an old and inefficient irrigation system. They wanted the look of the redo to be as personal—and even idiosyncratic—as the garden had always been.

Working with Sheri was a satisfying partnership. The garden is now a pleasing integration of the garden they had and the garden they wanted. It is primarily succulents, with the addition of some native and low water herbaceous perennials to complement them and ensure four-season interest. All turf is gone. There are DG pathways. Bermed planting beds are designed to trap rainwater coming off the roof.

A drip irrigation system waters most zones every other day. The new garden requires generous watering. They anticipate a reduction in water consumption within the next year.

More birds, bees and butterflies visit the garden now. There’s no reduction in squirrels!