3745 Maplewood Avenue

This garden is a home project that they play in daily with their three children. They have 4 chickens that lay eggs for them, eat greens from their garden and are sweet pets for their children - meet the chickens in this video. They grow a range of seasonal organic edibles; almost anything that they can eat straight from the garden. Some of their favorites include, Taiwanese spinach, snap peas, basil and swiss chard. We also have a very productive peach tree, lime, apple, guava and persimmon tree. They also have a large composting area with three bins that house red wiggler worms. They make their own organic compost to fertilize the garden. Their garden is a wonderful place where their children learn and explore about our natural world.

They water once a week by hand with a hose and watering cans. They used a lot of compost as mulch on top of the soil that keeps the moisture in the ground from evaporating. They compost almost all their household green waste; food scraps, paper towels, grass clippings and leaves. They love composting!

Their website http://www.kidscancompost.com/ provides a free digital instructional illustrated guidebook for all ages, to anyone interested in starting a compost or learning more. They will have some hard copies of the book available and red wiggler worms to share.

As a committed environmentalist who teaches composting to kids, Parker has concerns that run deeper than simply sticky, stinky shoes. Rainwater and sprinklers wash dog waste into the storm drain. It then flows, untreated, into Santa Monica Bay where it poisons marine life, she says. Surfers, swimmers and lifeguards become ill from fecal contamination.  In an effort to change the way dogs do their “business” in Mar Vista, and together with LA Stormwater’s efforts to keep pollutants out of local waterways, Parker will be distributing free biodegradable dog poop bags at her home. Read more about her efforts in this article by Jeanne Kuntz in Mar Vista Patch.