Sprinkler advice?

We just moved into the area and would love some help with information on when and how often to use our automatic sprinkler system to cut water use. We would also love some landscape ideas in order to conserve water. We are planning on redoing the backyard in the very near future. I would love any links that you could provide in referenced to this and any other information for the Mar Vista area in general. Thanks for your help. Liz

Welcome to the neighborhood! Check out the links we have posted along the right side of the site - there is a lot of great information and also some sites that will introduce you to more of Mar Vista. Please stop by the MVCC booth at the Farmers Market some time - there is always someone there from the community council to answer questions and there is a lot of great information at the booth as well.
How exciting that you are going to redo the backyard – your timing is perfect! I hope you had a chance to visit some of the homes on the garden tour we held in April. If not, you can still see them on line and get some great ideas. Let me know if there is a specific garden that you would like more information on.

First of all, here are two DWP links where there is a lot of great information.


DWP water conservation tips for landscaping -

There is also a free workshop given every month on Ocean Friendly Gardens. They address both water conservation and retention. I have taken it and it's great! It is a collaboration between the Surfrider Foundation and the Metropolitan Water District. It is conducted by G3LA

We also have two landscape designers in the community who designed gardens that were on our tour.

Lillia Singer
See 11430 Clarkson Road on blog

Lillia Singer is the owner of Bella Garden Design. Lillia has 20 years experience in landscape design and has an excellent understanding and knowledge of balance in landscape design between hardscape and plants. You can email your questions to her at bellagardendesign@att.net

Gary Kamisher of Gary's Greenery
See 3951 Keeshen on blog
His expertise is the design,installation and maintenance of sustainable landscapes including irrigation systems that use less water and permeable surfaces. You can email questions to him at garysgreenery@mac.com. or call him at is 310-9912331.