Curb side trees?

Is there a recommended curb side tree for Mar Vista?? One that won't destroy the sidewalk?

Australian Willow is a wonderful, hardly any maintenance, drought tolerant and evergreen tree. It is slow growing, so I would recommend buying a 24" box ($160-$180 + delivery) to get a good start of 3-4 years. Mexican Redbud, Cercis Mexicana is another small drought tolerant, deciduous tree.
Both of these trees are sidewalk friendly.

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The city of LA will give you free trees if you submit a quick sketch of your landscape plan to them.
Here's the link to the free trees information:

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Here are the links to the city departments for more information –

Urban Forestry Division information site

Tree selection guide -


  1. We have a palo verde in our parkway. It will not lift sidewalks and is a showstopper with its green bark and yellow/orange flowers. It's the Arizona state tree, and as drought tolerant as it gets.


  2. We have a palo verde as well and I love it. We do have to shape it some - it tends to take over our neighbors driveway. And I have seen one on a neighboring street that they let run wild and it is almost a bush. I love ours. and they used them in front of the Albertson's shopping center on Venice in Culver City - which must indicate that it is pavement friendly.

  3. I've been talking with the city about a recent tree installation project I'm working on, and here are a few things I've learned:

    1)You must obtain a permit before planting (it's free, you just have to schedule an inspection first)

    2)The city inspector will come out and let you know how many trees will fit in your parkway and will make recommendations based on other trees in the neighborhood.

    3) He was very amenable to suggesting drought tolerant trees as needed.

    4) They keep very short hours: 7-9 am and 2:30 - 3:30 pm.

    Good luck!

    Christy Wilhelmi