Welcome to new friends!

We'd like to share two wonderful notes we received after the tour. Samantha did video interviews with many of us and has sent us the edited shot. It is wonderful! For all of us who were manning our own gardens, what a treat to get a glimpse of the rest of the tour. It is really delightful and captures the essence of the day.
Below that, see the note that we received from her Mom, Elisa. Elisa gives our tour the credit for inspiring the wonderful new community blog that they have started.
Enjoy both!

Hi all in Los Angeles! With everything going on out here in Massachusetts, it has taken me a while. But the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase video is finally online!
It's on www.videosforjustice.org under Garden Showcase. Here is the direct link to the video to embed on a website or blog
Thanks! Hope all is well. Keep it up!

Dear Sherri and Laura:
I'm the mother of the young girl, Samantha, who did video interviews with you during your garden Showcase (she is now back in Massachusetts editing it for your website).
Inspired by your wonderful tour, I've created a blog for my neighborhood.
Elisa Leonelli

A new neighborhood HOME & GARDEN blog for Reynier Village
While walking through Reynier Village one day, admiring the beautiful spring gardens and architectural details of the 1930's homes, we came up with the idea of starting a blog (aka "web log" - an easy way to exchange ideas on the Internet), to celebrate the sense of pride in our neighborhood that our community is demonstrating.
Please log on http://reyniervillage.wordpress.com and post comments, let us know what you are doing to remodel or paint your houses, to take care of your gardens, to conserve energy.
Share information on how to replace water-hungry grass lawns with drought-tolerant plants, how to grow organic fruits and vegetables in your backyard, how to save water and install alternative sources of
We'd like to hear from our neighbors.
Thanks your help.
Deni & Elisa
email: reyniervillage@earthlink.net