DWP offers cash incentive to remove lawns

Emily Green writes about the new rebate program in the LA Times Home section today.
"Fast on the heels of the new watering ordinances that took effect June 1, the has begun a cash-for-grass program. Single-family homes served by the DWP will be eligible to receive $1 for every square foot of turf they replace with less thirsty alternatives." read more...

Green will have a weekly column on drought-tolerant gardening in the Home section's blog: latimes.com/home. She also blogs at chanceofrain.com. It's great to have an advocate at the Times on this issue! We're going to reach out and let her know about the Wise Water Use Expo on July 21st!


  1. So cool - Emily just added the Wise Water Use Expo to her event listings - check out her event site at http://chanceofrain.com/dry-events-calendar/

  2. What can we do about people to don't heed the Sprinkler Ordinance?

  3. It is driving me crazy as well! I had one neighbor verbally attack me when I tried to say something.

    You can report water waste by calling 1-800-Dial DWP or emailing waterconservationteam@ladwp.com - but I would love to come up with a better solution! that is one of the topics we are going to discuss at the Wise Water Use Expo on July 21st

  4. James from Open Mar Vista just sent this info as well -
    Hi Sherri, if you subscribe to the LA Times you may have received a pad of 'neighbors helping neighbors' door hangers, which allow you to anonymously check off one of four common wasteful water practices. Here's the info:


    You can also pick up the door hangers at the LADWP customer service center at 1394 S. Sepulveda Blvd. (between Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvds).