Free Compost?


Thank you for having the Green Committee. I would like to be kept informed with your projects and meetings if possible.

I am also writing because I remember reading some time ago in the newsletter something about some free compost available for pick up somewhere on Jefferson. I am wondering if any of you could further guide me with this - what is the exact location or contact info please?

Thank you very much in advance,


There are a lot of great compost options in our community. First, the easiest - you can pick up free compost through the LA Department of Public Works on Jefferson Blvd in Culver City (although they list it as West LA). Link through here to the flyer with more info. This compost is made from what is collected in the green bins, so it is not organic.

An amazing number of people are now composting on their own and love it!
The LADPW offers free composting classes, discounts on compost bins and free worms. You can find the schedule and location here. I've attended that workshop and it is informative but not hands on. Christy at the Garden Nerd offers a hands on, composting work shop that is very reasonable priced, located in Mar Vista and a lot of fun!