Composting at the Mar Vista Farmers Market!

The Mar Vista Farmers Market is taking a huge step to 'Go Green'!

Starting this Sunday, there will now be there will be three bins at each station.

1) Compostables
2) Recyclables
3) Trash

Stop by the MVCC Green Committee booth to learn what goes where and help us launch this successfully.

This program will divert the food waste (85% of which is compostable!) and take it to a composting facility, (instead of a landfill), and turn it into useful by-products such as soil amendments and fertilizers.

The market is using Athens Services who is very pleased to be a partner with the City of Los Angeles to provide food waste & organic recycling for all food service establishments in the City of Los Angeles. Perhaps our Farmers Market can inspire our local businesses to embrace this as well!


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  2. Whew! Even sorting trash can be a community event at the Mar Vista Farmer's Market. As we launched the new sorting system, people were able to see how much of their debris can go back into the earth. Within a few hours, the compostables - food and soiled paper - had filled the entire bin. Shoppers were excited to be part of the process, and were good natured about learning the new system, sometimes juggling several items to get the job done right. It's just another example of Green Behavior Change. Transplants from Seattle and Vancouver commented that they have already been doing this for years. Of course, there it's simpler. If you mix your trash, the city won't pick it up!