The plastic bag challenge!

We were visiting family in Long Island, NY this weekend and made what we thought would be a quick dash into a local Wal-Mart to buy a lawn chair. Big mistake, but that's another story.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of plastic bags I saw! Small, thin plastic bags that held a few packages in people were easily walking out the door with 10 or 20 after doing their shopping.

My first reaction....we live in a bubble in Mar Vista, this is how the majority of the country lives. I was appalled. And feeling a bit self righteous.
Then I thought about Sundays at the Farmers Market ...and visits to the produce section at our markets. Where we use tons of plastic bags for our fruits and veggies but feel like we are green because we stuff them into a reusable bag.

1 year, 1 shopper = 500 plastic bags.

1 year, each Sunday at the Farmers Market - 5 bags each trip? Still probably 250 plastic bags.

Maybe we can do something about it?
Bring your own reusable containers - the vendors will happily weigh them and adjust the price. It saves them money as well!

Ask the vendors if you can bring back their containers for reuse
- many (most!) will say yes. Patronize the ones who do!

If you must take a plastic bag - bring your own! Reuse ones you have taken before by leaving them in the bottom of your reusable shopping bag; Consider buying BioBags which can have a second life lining your compost pail.