Learn more about water conservation landscaping!

If you missed the Wise Water Use Expo or if you were there and are eager to learn more, here's your chance!

G3LA gave an amazing presentation on the role our landscaping plays in the water crisis and what we can do to make a difference. They have a work shop on Tuesday night that I highly recommend based on personal experience - many of us on the MVCC Green Committee have taken it. You may have gotten a small taste of what they offer on the garden tour at their garden at Redwood Avenue. As an added bonus, the Tuesday night class is being held in a LEED Platinum home!

If you are thinking about removing your lawn, this workshop will be a huge assist and help you avoid a lot of mistakes and save you money!

Up to 70% of Southern California's household water is used in the garden ― yet 74% of homeowners think they use more water indoors!

G3 LA Homeowner Classes and Workshops help you develop a plan not only to reduce your present outdoor water use -- and your water bills -- but also to create a beautiful, healthy garden that is in line with the principles of sustainability. They will also cover the new mandatory water use restrictions.

July 28 from 5-8:30pm
Attainable Sustainable Landscapes Water Bill Reduction Event
1301 Preston Way, Venice. LEED Platinum private home.
$40 per person. Organic refreshment. Limited seating. Reserve now.

Photo courtesy of Yvette Roman Photography