Help Get Rid of Leaf Blowers!

The South Coast AQMD is conducting a leaf blower exchange program through which professional gardeners and/or landscapers can trade in their old (but operational) backpack leaf blower to get a new STIHL BR 500 leaf blower for only $200. This is the powerful low-noise 65 dB(A) low-emissions model with a suggested retail price of $469. Up to ten blowers per business can be exchanged. Tell your gardener to go to this site for more info!

For more insight on how to tackle this problem go to Zero Air Pollution.


  1. I thought we had made leaf blowers illegal? I guess not. Electric leaf blowers are only slightly better than gas ones, I wish we would junk them all! Whether gas or electric, they blow dust and debris willy nilly into the air that ruins the immediate air quality for the moment and spreads pollen into the air which, for allergy sufferers, is the worst part of blowers. Blowers are a bad idea - think 'rakes.'

  2. I agree! And much of what they are blowing away would be best left as mulch.
    We got our gardener to stop using one - they rake and sweep and also know that we don't expect 'pristine'. Most of us are not even home when our gardeners are there and don't have a clue what they are doing.
    But if they won't give them up, we at least want them using the more eco friendly version.