Support For Bikes!

How did we manage without Bikerowave in our neighborhood?

My bike has been omitting an ominous crunching noise for several months now. So, on Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. I pedaled over to the corner of Venice and Ocean View to get some tips on how to get that awful crunching sound out of my gears…or was it the chain? Luckily, Cole took me under his wing as soon as I arrived, put my bike up on one of the many stands, and proceeded to diagnose and address the problem. After several procedures which took a total of 10 minutes, he advised me on how to apply the chain lube oil, hoping that would do the trick.

Before leaving, I had a chance to congratulate Steve Mattson on the bike valet service that Bikerowave will be providing at the up-coming “Mar Vista Goes Green” Fall Festival. We both spent a few shame-faced seconds admitting that, due to equipment transporting constraints, we were probably going to drive to the event. (I will be offering free Green Wellness Coaching sessions at the Teaching Wellness Booth). The conversation then turned to the possibilities of someday offering a bike valet service at the Mar Vista Farmers Market, and maybe a bike trailer rental for people who want to bring home a bushel or two of produce. Steve even suggested that a bike delivery service might serve the needs of those who want to have their sustainable produce delivered home to their homes in a sustainable manner.

With images of a cycling-friendly Mar Vista dancing in my head, I pedaled home…noiselessly.

Jeanne Kuntz
Certified Wellness Coach

Bikerowave is a DIY, not for profit facility that helps support a reduction in our carbon footprint as we opt to bike rather than drive!