It began with a porch light...

We converted to CFL light bulbs several years ago and had been thrilled. They reduced our energy cost. They threw off far less heat, which was a bonus on hot summer days. Although more expensive when purchased, they last for years and ultimately saved us money. But sometimes for safety, we wanted to leave our front porch light on over night and that still seemed wasteful. Then we had an 'aha' moment. LED lightbulbs used 1/3 the power of CFL bulbs and 1/30th of incandescent bulbs. So we switched the porch light to an LED bulb....and we loved it! We noticed that there was literally no heat - you can actually wrap your hand around an LED bulb burning brightly. They light up immediately when turned on. We had become fans.

After seven years, we broke our CLF light bulb a few weeks ago and had visions of mercury poisoning dancing in our heads. Luckily, it was in an enclosed bag and I had book marked a site with safe disposal directions , so it wasn't a crisis. That convinced us - as each CFL died, we would replace it with LED. So far we have replaced 6 and we love them. We practically have a little ceremony with each new opportunity to convert.

The technology in LED light bulbs is still emerging - selection is limited and they are expensive but we will start seeing rapid progress. We have been buying the Philips Ambient LED Indoor Flood PAR30L - it is designed for recessed and track lighting. We found them at Home Depot and they are pricey - $49.97 - but the life of the bulb is 25,000 hours.

Incandescent bulbs are being banned in more parts of the world and will be phased out in California by 2018. As each bulb in your home is replaced, consider LED bulbs as an option. When it is done one at a time, the expense is more manageable. Here are some great sites with more information -

Eternaleds - great information and they also sell a very wide selection

Eartheasy - this blog posted some great information

As your old CFL bulbs burn out, you can take them to Home Depot for safe disposal.

Drop by the MVCC Green Booth on Sundays at the Farmers Market and share your thoughts with me about this!