Mar Vista Goes Clean!!!

We did it!!! Last night the MVCC Board adopted the Green Committee proposal on clean electricity!

Whereas coal-burning power plants deliver 44% of Los Angeles DWP electricity and yet coal-burning is widely recognized as a major contributor to climate change; whereas significant federal and state funding are available in California to make clean energy solutions such as photovoltaic solar panels affordable for residents and businesses; and whereas 84 Mar Vista residents have signed the petition to repower Mar Vista with 100% clean electricity by 2018; Mar Vista hereby adopts a goal to develop a roadmap and achieve net 100% clean electricity utilization within the Mar Vista community as a whole by 2018.

Thank you for making this happen! We invite everyone interested in contributing to join us at the December 6th Green Committee meeting.

Here is our first step - make sure you have signed up for Green Power with the LADWP. For only 3 cents more per kilowatt hour you will be purchasing renewal energy. Please encourage your neighbors to do the same. House by house, block by block, this is the first step in converting Mar Vista to 100% clean energy. The more we support this program, the more that the DWP can invest in developing clean energy sources.

Check out this great article in Scientific American!