Rain Barrels and Butterflies on Colby Avenue!

Rain barrel applications were extended until November 1st! There is still a chance to get one!

We just received this great note and picture from a Mar Vista homeowner who received a free rain barrel through LA Rainwater Harvesting. Who says rain barrels are ugly? Hopefully all of the enthusiasm in Mar Vista will push this project to go city wide! We'd love to hear more stories about how the water is used and also any blocks that have several participants - we have 2 so far on our block on Coolidge!

"I thought you might get a kick out of seeing our wonderful rain barrel, newly adorned with her butterfly tattoos! There are milkweed in pots around her so it seemed only natural. We’ll catch rain the next time as her paint was drying during last week’s rain plus we wanted the roof and gutters to get washed off. We named her Lluvia, BTW.
Just had to share,
A Green Committee minute reader,