Trash for Treasures....

Have any obsolete inventory headed for a landfill or liquidator? Think about donating it instead! How do you put a dollar value on seeing it put to good use and making kids happy?

My client, yogitoes, received an order of 800 ecodots - a yoga prop that is used like a block. The label supplier used a faulty adhesive that left a marred finish when the label was removed. Rather than have them destroyed, they donated them to a variety of local schools and non profits that put them to creative use. In the hands of kids they became building blocks, stools, props for yoga classes and the basis for art projects! We'll post more pictures as we get them. Here is a list of some of the lucky recipients - think of them when you look at what you aren't able to use or sell!

Grand View Blvd. Elementary School
Contact – Sarah Auerswald

Neighborhood Youth Association
Contact – Jeanne Kuntz
(310) 397-7897

Mar Vista Elementary School
Contact – Annie Barnes

Free Arts for Abused Children
Contact - Karrah R. Lompa

Mary Beth Trautwein

Trash for Teaching
Contact - Laurie Sugita, Director
323. 262.3400 ext 25

Las Doradas Children's Center
Contact - Gail Bryant, Director
(310) 450-0327