100% Clean Electricity in Mar Vista - have we done our part?

Week three of the Green Living Workshop and we still had a full house. The most exciting part was seeing the show of hands from people who already converted to 100% clean electricity by signing up for Green Power with the LADWP!
And 4 others who are already getting surveyed to add solar panels to their homes. I left with such a sense of pride. We can do this - we can set an example for the city and achieve 100% clean electricity by 2018!

The DWP has asked me to come down for next Thursday for a meeting to discuss our Green Garden Showcase. We can use this as an opportunity to let them know that we are serious about reaching this goal. We need your help. If you have signed up for their green power, please post a comment on this blog. If you haven't signed up yet - do it now! It costs so little and makes such a huge difference. This is the way we send a message to support the development of more renewable sources for electricity. Once you sign up, add a comment to this post.

If you have solar panels - add a comment to this post. If you are in the process of getting solar panels - add a comment. If you have information that you can share so others can make a good choice - add a comment.

Let's turn this post into something that we can use to show the DWP and our community that we are serious - that this is more than just good intentions. Mar Vista will make this happen!