Being Bolder - Living Greener

One unexpected benefit of the Sustainable Works Living Green Workshop…it made me braver.

I have been doing my “environmental thing” since the 60’s, quietly trying to make a difference. A few years ago I realized should not be SO QUIET! I began to disseminate information at the MV Farmer’s Market, asking families to take the “Veggie Pledge” and do more walking and less driving. A year later I discovered the nascent MVCC Green Committee and unwittingly signed on to be Vice Chair. (“How hard could it be?” was my naïve thinking.)

I recently decided to participate in the Living Green workshops, not realizing that my commitment was going to take another small but meaningful jump. As the quote from our workbook forewarned, “Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch.”

During last night’s class, the second in a series of 6, I saw slides and heard facts about the real devastation being caused RIGHT NOW as a result of our… MY… overconsumption. I vowed that I would be bolder and braver in my efforts to use only my fair share of the Earth’s resources. I started that evening by letting my husband know that turning off the lights whenever we leave a room really was important for the survival of the planet. He balked and strong words followed. (Thankfully, we were able to avoid tears.) Ultimately we reached a compromise and even enjoyed the rest of the evening. This may not sound so amazing, but it represents a significant change for me. A year ago, even 2 weeks ago, I would have backed off from introducing a subject that was bound to be unpopular. Why ruffle feathers? Now, buoyed by the enthusiasm and support from my classmates at Green Living Workshop, I am willing to be bolder, braver and more consistent in my efforts to reduce my carbon footprint and educate others.

It’s supremely ironic. None of us would think of going to a dinner party and eating 4 or 5 extra helpings of the main course, leaving some guests with less or nothing. Yet, we are doing essentially that on a daily basis through actions that we consider intrinsic to our daily life. Thank you to Nancy Barba, Sherri Akers, and my Living Green classmates for providing the knowledge and the enthusiasm to be bolder, braver, greener.

Jeanne Kuntz
310 391 2815
Vice Chair MVCC Green Committee
Founder of Teaching Wellness