12613 Appleton Way - Cluster 3I

This garden has evolved over the years within it's basic hardscape substructure. One of the garden owners has transformed it into a showcase and laboratory for efforts to grow the flowering shrubs of the Protoaceae Family, which includes proteas, pincushions and Leucodendrons. This dedicated gardener roams far and wide in search of specimens to experiment with. Most were propagated with seeds from South Africa. Although fraught with much failure, the unique beauty of the flowers of the successes have made the effort satisfying.

This is truly a DIY garden. The homeowner constructed all of the hardscape -walls, paths, pond and so forth - and did all of the planting, propagating half of the plants from seeds or cuttings. The front yard is an attempt at a natural park-like setting. The backyard is more formal, with boxwood borders and a pond.

The garden is hand watered.