12613 Everglade Street - Cluster 3J

This front yard and house needed a facelift. They were plain and out of date. Frankly, the home looked sad. The garden owners hired landscape designer Stacey Isaac, then spent a morning with her at San Marcos Gardens picking out plants they liked. The only design requirement was for a path to get the trash cans from the back to the front; Stacey came up with a great layout. Roger Mora and his assistant Felipe did all the muscle work to install the irrigation and landscaping.

The homeowners then had the house painted in contemporary colors and viola! Facelift complete. The whole experience was really fun and they smile every time they pull up in front of their house. It's amazing what you can do with a small space.

All the plants will be labeled, and the landscape designer will stop by to speak with anyone who has questions.