3465 Stewart Avenue

Featured in the LA Times by Lisa Boone - see more pictures here. 

This landscape designer owner of Elow Landscape Design and Build, Inc. designed the garden for their daughter. She wanted to bring wildlife into the yard. They have humming birds, butterflies, bees, squirrels. They also wanted her to be able to explore the yard, hide and play under trees. Everything is soft and durable enough for children. However the yard still maintains adult spaces and does not look like a play ground. When their daughter goes to bed, the grownups enjoy the space just as much. They live in a very small house so their yard becomes an extension of their home. It has been designed to allow them to live outside. 

They have incorporated lots of features that are green, easy to use, and beautiful. They used composite decking for their decks and reclaimed wood for our dining pergola as well as dining table and bench. Drip irrigation has saved them about $400.00 a month in watering. We have a 6'x6x'6 reclamation pit that catches excess rain water and releases it back into the yard. 

After careful research, they also incorporated synthetic turf which cut their water use down even more. It is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled. It is no longer made out of recycled tires that off gas. For those who have considered this alternative, this is a great stop to learn from a professional who made a studied, informed decision.