3558 Military Avenue

After the house was extensively remodeled, the garden was a construction zone. The owners were therefore able to start from scratch. Their goal was to create front and back yards that required little maintenance yet gave some space to play with fruit trees and vegetables.

They decided to remove the remaining grass, replacing it with artificial turf and an expanded garden bed area.

A low water, low maintenance cactus and succuclent garden dominates the front yard. The backyard has raised beds for vegetables, fruit trees and a new patio area. Bamboo planted on one side of the backyard will eventually provide some privacy.

Sprinklers water the front yard and the backyard has a drip system. The owners supplement the drip system by hand watering as required.

The owners did not have time in the past to play with vegetables and have really enjoyed planting them and watching them grow this past year. Last summer—their first—they experimented with squash, tomatoes, lettuce, bush beans, radishes, eggplant and okra. In the winter they planted winter tomatoes, lettuce, snap peas, snow peas, herbs, kohlrabi and blueberries. They are trying to grow Hawaiian papayas from seed and have a Babaco Papaya from Ecuador.