3717 Mountain View Avenue

There is so much to see in this garden that it was difficult to select which picture to use! This is a wonderful bungalow style home with a sloping hillside front garden that has been landscaped into separate areas which each create a different atmosphere. The front yard is no-lawn, low water, and spectacular. The back yard is divided into two parts, the front back and the out back. The front back is mostly brick, with many pots, and a small lawn, about 12 feet in diameter. There are several different plants including Heliotrope, day lilies and agapantha. The outback is ecological, using very little water. There are two lemons, two oranges, two fig tress as well as three raised beds with plants such as sorrel, arugula, spinach, lettuce, peas and tomatoes. The front is watered once a week with sprinklers. In the back there's a mixture of tube watering in the boxes, and hose watering elsewhere and the roses are hand watered. They use no pesticides, herbicides, or any toxics in our cleaning supplies.