4129 Moore Street

As a child in England, the homeowners’ parents always had a colorful garden with roses. They wanted to achieve this lush color and variety in their Los Angeles garden by using drought tolerant California natives, while protecting the environment, and reducing water usage.

They removed all the grass and concrete pathway, substituting Arizona flagstones and pebbles. All plants are drought tolerant, with emphasis on lots of color and blooms through each season. They started August last year with the hardscape and finished January 28th, 2011with plant installation.  

Inspiration came from England.  This haven of California Natives is maintained without the use of blowers. The garden is watered using a subsurface drip system located at each root to reduce water consumption. At the moment they have to water to establish the roots but eventually this will be minimal. Mulching was done with bark for mulch and they will use Compost Teana’s by Sheri Powell-Wolff Owner/Designer tea spray made from organic compost.

Enjoy a time lapse video of the recent installation of this garden here