3745 Meier Street

Aka "Archie's Garden", this garden is “super-natural” in many ways; organic, non-manicured, sustainable, packed with interest, color, and a bit of whimsy. These homeowners have created a friendly, peaceful, abundant place to relax, socialize, and enjoy the wonders of nature in their own backyard, and to share a little bit of the earth’s loveliness with their neighbors. Read about the special presentation they will have on Monarch Butterflies here.

When the homeowners moved in ten years ago, they removed the grass, laid  bluestone, and started seeds/plants in the interstices. They keep an easel in the front yard for seed-sharing, info about the seasons, garden creatures and plants. Many of the flowers and bulbs now growing are gifts they have received over the years from other garden aficionados in the area.

Watering is done by drip irrigation once or twice per week during dry weather, turned off during the wet season.  They also hand water with water gathered from the shower each day (buckets catch the cold water as it’s warming up, and saved in their rainbarrel for later use.) Now that most of the plants are well-established, the need for water is greatly reduced.

This garden teems with life, especially bird life, surges in certain plants and insect populations, and (with their recent butterfly plant additions) a delightful population of caterpillars and butterflies.  Loree Bryer, monarch habitat specialist, will be on hand the day of the tour to answer questions about these lovely, endangered creatures. All forms of life are further enhanced and protected by the absence of leaf blowers.
Come prepared for a wriggly treat!  Two homemade worm compost bins will provide a gift of worms with those who bring their own containers.