3518 Federal Avenue

This is a sustainable play and learning environment! The owners are developing ideas for families with children that are sustainable and functional. The result is a garden that maximizes the use of all the outdoor spaces for gatherings, parties, and exercise.

They started with a dried out weed infested front yard 3 years ago and have been creating play and learning  environments for children. In the front yard, they replaces the dirt with artificial turf that sustains dogs, cats, and many children in play. A 20 foot tall teepee is a sustainable play structure that uses very little hardware and no plastic. Its design allows them to change the activities for different needs. They used the scraps from the artificial grass to create a giant chess set and have 3 raised garden beds for the children to experiment with. Attractive low water plants grow along the low fence and on the parkway.

In the backyard, they are developing an outdoor classroom prototype for young children with  Walls for exploring science, water play areas, mud kitchens, mounds for rolling.