3464 Grand View Boulevard

Surfrider-LA Chapter OFG rep and an APLD-LA District rep will be tabling at this Ocean Friendly Gardens, pointing out how they apply the OFG principles of CPR (Conservation, Permeability & Retention).

After 30 years of maintaining a traditional garden of annuals, shrubs, large expanses of lawn, and never-ending weeds, the homeowners decided it was time for a complete makeover.

With almost a quarter acre from the front pavement to the back fence, the time had come for these homeowners to re-imagine their garden in a more contemporary, water-efficient manner. Under the guidance of Ted Vorster (Plan-TED Landscape), a licensed landscape architect, they decided to embark on a redesign of every square inch of their front, back, and side yards to address a variety of longstanding problems that beset the sloping, narrow lot.

Ted designed the comprehensive landscape renovation and contractor Jose Martinez (Arrow Sprinkler & Landscape) installed it. The design incorporates many drought-tolerant plantings as well as water saving and capture features. Hardscape materials include recycled concrete.

A gravel parkway and a washed concrete surface replaces the old driveway; a series of planting strips intersect it, increasing the permeability of the parking area and help create a wider, more open feeling to the yard. A planting area that features a specimen olive tree and is bordered by a low berm topped with a mix of drought tolerant California native and Mediterranean plants replaces the ole front lawn. A small, new decomposed granite terrace serves as an informal sitting area.

A lawn once dominated the back yard. Now a series of discrete terraces of wood, concrete and decomposed granite, bounded by stuccoed concrete walls and planters, gracefully ease the transition from the strong lines of the two-story house to the increasingly organic forms of the garden beyond. A meadow-like expanse of California Dune Sedge (Carex pansa) adjoins the shady understory of a mature Chinese Elm; it features a mix of California natives and a sunny perennial border backed by flowering shrubs and ornamental grasses. Beyond this lies the “working” garden of fruit trees and vegetables that includes a storage shed, potting bench, and compost area.

Replacing the outmoded and inefficient sprinklers, state of the art drip technology coupled with a new smart controller will help realize water savings as well as the peace of mind that comes with a fully automated, self regulating system.

Landscaper Ted Vorster will be on hand to answer your questions.