2554 Federal Avenue - Cluster 1

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This unique garden is primarily edible. It is truly a reflection of today’s economy, demonstrating that with the onset of inflation and "tough times" we can be more reliant on our very own Victory Gardens. The owner enjoys eating fresh and unique produce plucked from the garden.

This is a do-it-yourself project. Edibles grow within and around raised beds. Repurposed metal buckets set in the ground serve as containers for herbs. A larger metal bucket filled with gravel directs water from the rain chain into the ground.

Since it is in the front yard, the garden is a resource for sharing. Often when a neighbor walks by or shows interest in the garden, the owner plucks a sprig of rosemary or shares a vegetable. With sharing becoming more scarce, the owner feels this garden is a vehicle for people to re-connect and share.

Printed tour maps will be available at this garden.