3241 Granville Avenue - Cluster 3

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This large corner garden includes not only the front yard on Granville, but the side yard and parkway around the corner on Rose. Happily wild, it features a variety of drought-tolerant native and non-native plants. Abundant Westringia fruticosa (coast rosemary) planted throughout the garden and sprinklings of self-seeding Euphorbia characias give it cohesion.

Don't miss the mature manzanita and ceanothus in the parkway on Stoner. Tucked into the shade of the side yard are white and yellow abutilon. You'll also see agaves, grasses including red fountain grass (this is the non-invasive one), lupine, pink-flowered Indian hawthorne, and rockrose.

Stepping stones on permeable crushed granite and a rocking bench on the shady porch make this garden especially inviting.