12806 Stanwood Drive

Previously a neglected collection of hardened dry earth, orphaned succulents, a gnarled tree, and cracked asphalt, this front yard now boasts an entirely drought tolerant landscape set in decomposed granite and dotted by three stone boulders.  

Bryan Richards of Real Natives Landscape Design helped the homeowners realize their dream of transforming this lackluster entrance to their new house, which they moved into in February of 2011.  Inspired by ecologically responsible gardens and design, as well as by their travels to places such as Paso Robles, Ojai Valley, Joshua Tree, and Catalina Island, not to mention hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, Bryan interpreted their desires into painterly gestures of color and texture with desert appropriate plantings like Palo Verde trees, Mexican and Jerusalem sage, agave, and echeveria.  

To further their commitment to the environment, they installed rain barrels around the house, use a composter, and, in the spirit of recycling, planted those left-behind succulents in the backyard, where they are doing quite well.