12807 Stanwood Drive

These Mar Vistans have lived in their house for 18 years, abiding with the tired front lawn and very basic landscaping they inherited.  For at least 10 years one member of the household (who shall remain nameless) has pleaded to tear out the turf and angular brick planters and install an environmentally friendly landscape with softer lines.  There was also a desire to expand the almost unusable (3' x 7') front porch.

The aforementioned highly motivated householder drew a sketch of what the front yard and porch could look like, with a 10' x 10' semi-circular seating area and two serpentine paths leading to the sidewalk and driveway including water features, sculptures, and low voltage lighting that would give the yard a more romantic ambience in the evening.

After interviewing three landscape architects, one stood out as being the most exciting to work with.   The landscaper installed a drip irrigation system that has really decreased this home’s water usage, as demonstrated by their lower bill.  They selected their favorite plants:  Stipa, Kangaroo Paws, fountain grasses, and a favorite tree Japanese Maple in several varieties.

Their landscaper had great ideas and vision for the garden while adding his expertise to create a cohesive design with a Zen flair.  He added to the original plan an Infinity shaped area to incorporate a unique 3-rock water feature and sculptural areas.  He also suggested another water feature that cascades a sheet of water out of the sitting wall of our front porch.

The homeowners can now sit in comfort on their outdoor lounge chairs and relax to the soothing sounds of the waterfall.  At the same time they enjoy the serene park-like landscaping while communing with neighbors walking by, making many new friends.