2561 Amherst Avenue

This do-it-yourself landscaper wanted to create a low-maintenance, earth friendly and water-efficient front yard. The plan was to pick a small group of low water intensive plants and trees and then surround them with mulch so that they would 'pop'. The photos attest to the success of this plan.

Everything in the yard was readily available at the local Home Depot. Recycled crushed red brick serves as mulch in the parkway and is also used in the driveway. Dark grey-blue slate stepping stones across the front of the house are re-purposed from the back yard where they were embedded in concrete between laundry poles which have been removed. The large California agave spawns pups that can be cut and potted.

This is a very low maintenance garden. The homeowner waters and trims very infrequently. Wind and rain doesn’t disturb the large areas of black mulch, but leaves sometimes get caught on it and need to be picked up