3041 Midvale Avenue

This garden makeover followed on the heels of a home redesign. The homeowners wanted to create a front yard garden that was low maintenance and afforded the luxury of sitting outside to enjoy the neighborhood community, but still allowed some degree of protection from people just wandering into the yard.

The design of the garden is inspired by the unique elongated proportions of the new architecture. Repeating those same elongated shapes in the garden helps reflect the house while creating an interesting forecourt to circulate through, making the garden feel bigger. A wood deck is a slightly new take on the traditional front porch. It is protected by an overhang that is held away from the house, allowing planting between the deck and the house. Each planter holds a display of different colored succulents and drought tolerant grass-like plants. The front berm creates a physical barrier giving some visual drama to the street while allowing open site lines to the house.

Designer Victoria Pakshong with place, a landscape and architectual collaborative, will be on hand, as well as landscaper Raul Castillo of Eco-nomical Landscape.