3200 Butler Avenue - Cluster 2

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This garden was inspired by the first MVCC Green Garden Showcase when they saw a garden with decomposed granite that was totally rain-watered. They  wanted a native plant garden that would support native pollinators and be like walking up in the Santa Monica mountains. Their goal was that it would eventually become just rain watered to save water. Enjoy this slide show of the step by step transformation from lawn to wildlife!

Mexican bush sage (purple flowers) in foreground, purple sage back right.
Sycamore and persimmon trees growing.
In summer of 2009 they took out the lawn with the help of their gardener. In December 2009 they planted 80 native plants out of the 120 on the full plan developed by Jackie Surber of Urbafloria, a landscape designer who loves native plants. They were able to get a $2,000 rebate from DWP which was paying $1 per square foot of lawn removed. Currently, the Ca$h for Lawn programs pays $2 per square foot of healthy grass removed; click here for program details.

This is an Ocean Friendly Garden that applies the OFG principles of CPR (Conservation, Permeability & Retention). It is also a Certified Wildlife Habitat. And it's beautiful! Enjoy this slide show of the step by step transformation from lawn to wildlife!

Many of you saw this as a newly planted garden on the 2010 tour. You will love seeing the result! Some plants grew and some died. They've replanted some areas and decided to change some plants from the original plan. It has a beautiful rain chain to decrease rain runoff; a persimmon and two pineapple guava trees. In 2011 they  added a circulating fountain and 3 more rain barrels. The 1 gallon sycamore tree is now over 25 feet tall!

American Goldfinches
The owners love the fact that birds, butterflies and bees are attracted to the garden. It looks good and smells fabulous. In good weather they love to sit on the porch, look at the flowers and watch the wildlife. Pruning is free aromatherapy. And they've cut their water bill by more than 1/2. 

Representatives from Ballona Institute will present information about how planting with native plants helps to conserve water - and conserve energy - as well as the things you need to consider when determining which native plants will work in your yard.