4119 Inglewood Boulevard - Cluster 6

Pool conversion from hazard to haven

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This garden is hidden behind a fence, the third house down a long 5-home driveway that extends west from Inglewood Boulevard. If you see a fsmall sign on the corner of a garage with several addresses on it, you've found the driveway. It's we'll worth the search! Although there are many apartment buildings nearby, you'll feel you've entered a secluded canyon.

The homeowners filled in an empty swimming pool with 11 large dumptrucks of dirt. The plan was to plant sod. But one of the owners had fallen in love with succulents. When the pool was filled, she saw it and said, "NO! This is my new succulent garden!"

Bit by bit it has grown into a fascinating and lush succulent garden! Over 200 varieties of of succulents now thrive where the empty pool once sat. A bench beckons you to sit and enjoy the many colors and shapes.

The owner's love affair with succulents continues. Pots display many, many other varieties, and the collection continues to grow. Come share this owner's delight! And be sure to ask how this hidden enclave came to exist.

The Sunset Succulent Society is a guest presenter at this garden. Bring your questions!