3305 Cabrillo Boulevard

The goal was to update 1950s traditional landscaping to a low-water design, but one that would be varied, colorful, and casual -- an inviting and informal entrance to this classic Mar Vista home.  The homeowner asked for a design that would evolve seasonally as different plants bloom, retaining the joy of encountering signs of nature in action from week to week throughout the year.  They wanted to share a look that would encourage passers-by to pause and enjoy.  

The yard was converted to drip irrigation used only to establish new plants and then only rarely, as in the case of extended very dry conditions.  Regular maintenance is minimal, mainly to sweep the walks and porch and remove spent flowers.  Dropped leaves from deciduous trees become part of the mulch so no blower is used.  The designer/contractor, ECO Landscape,  will attend to answer questions.