3604 Moore Street

This home is a great example of how the “green spirit” can take over, and lead you, step by step, toward a more sustainable landscape.

It started with the grass sidewalk on Moore Street. Several years ago the homeowner replaced it with African Daisies, a ground cover that requires very little water and spread like a weed, but had oodles of eye-appeal.

On the Marco Place sidewalk area the city never extended the pavement, so last year this ambitious do-it-yourselfer cleared the grass and weeds and laid down decomposed granite for the sidewalk part and California Gold rocks around the plants California natives with minimal water requirements were selected as plantings.

The backyard is a work in progress right now with fruit trees and vegetables. There are oranges, plums, kumquat, apricots, nectarines and peach. There are also Concord grape vine, blackberries, and raspberries. Some strawberries, and also a planter box for herbs. In the spring homegrown vegetables (tomatoes, green beans, red beets, zucchini, etc.) round out the edible bounty.

This Mar Vista resident has always been a city dweller, which has influenced their gardening style, a default system.  Whatever survives gets to stay.   Whatever dies gets replaced.  It may seem like a heartless system, but it works!