11943 Lawler Street

These garden owners have deep, abiding passions for art, our earth and the great Pacific Ocean just downhill from their Mar Vista home. Their new landscaping reflects these passions. 

In late 2011, they took their first steps to introduce a new aesthetic and intention for the landscape in creative meetings with garden designer, Lauri Burrier (Lauri Burrier Garden Design).

They chose a softened sculptural profile overall with a focus on graphic succulent displays, native grasses and boulders – all in a reduced but dramatic color scheme. One key difference that the new design introduced was an organic arrangement for the new water-wise plantings and boulders providing a new sense of the space – a quiet grace and flow. The owner’s redesign of pillars along the front entryway provide a perfect pedestal for two Echinocactus grusonii or Golden Barrel cacti while complementing the color and texture of the decomposed granite and bark brown crushed gravel that replaced the lawn.

Key plants used in the landscape include the Carex divulsa (Berkeley Sedge) softly bordering the sidewalk as well as Dasylirion longissimma and Furcraea Marginata Variegated for dramatic scale. The Muhlenbergia capillaris, Helictotrichon sempervirens grasses create a backdrop of fine texture and color.  The Chondro reed grasses, Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire,” Aloe vanbalenii and Agaves conspire for strength of line and color.

Drip irrigation replaced the high-pressure lawn irrigation in all but the sedge borders, reducing overall water use by 25%. Irrigation schedules change throughout the year to follow the many weather cycles we experience in Southern California, not less than twice weekly for time periods depending on weather.

The homeowners’ favorite part of the new landscape is the changing palette through the seasons and the awareness of space.

Lauri Burrier will be onsite to answer your questions.