12548 Brooklake Street

All photos by Aldo Cos 

This home's front yard garden had unique landscaping that made it stand out from the other gardens in the neighborhood before the current owners purchased it. Instead of grass, it was populated by various succulents and rosemary bushes

In the summer of 2010, with one homeowner away on sabbatical, the other decided it was time for brand new landscaping that took the original idea to the next level. 

Walks along paths in the many national parks they have visited inspired the design he came up with. He decided to include nonlinear paths, eco-friendly low maintenance plants, and a water feature that is his favorite feature in the garden.

A bistro table and chairs complete the scene which adds a serene place to enjoy the space by having coffee, watching the neighbors go by, and spotting the occasional hummingbird float by. 

They intend to put in underground sprinklers but currently they just use a hose to water twice a week.