3771 Ashwood Avenue

All photos by John Bonny

East Coast and West Coast meet! 

This hybrid garden leans towards the “lusher side” of drought tolerant. The homeowner's goal - in collaboration with John Bonny of Cultivate Garden Design - was to unite an eclectic mix of lush and waterwise plants that would compliment the architectural details of this unique Cape Co/ Venice bungalow. Each cedar shingle of this home was aged and stained a Cape Cod grey, which sets the tone of this hybrid garden. 
The plant pallete combines the dark grey greens of Fruitless Olive, blue Senecio and Agave, purple Ceaonothis, varieagated Pittosporum and bold crimson Euphorbia Cotinafolia. A favorite is the elegant, silvery tones of the mature Acacia tree, which gently weeps over the driveway and is spectacular and fragrant in the spring. The irregular Bluestone and Mexican pebble walkway creates shoreline sounds and guides you gracefully through the front yard garden beds, lined with reclaimed red brick. Rosemary hedges are used for fragrance in place of traditional boxwood while edible Nasturiums re-seed themselves seasonally in random pockets throughout the garden.  
Watered with low flow, pop up sprinkler heads, this waterwise garden was born over 8 years ago and continues to evolve by combining rich dense perennials with drought tolerant groundcovers, shrubs and succulents.  
John Bonny will be present on the day of the tour to greet you and answer questions.