3341 Stewart Avenue

When these garden owners bought their house about 10 years ago, they didn't have much of anything going on in the yard. Everything was pretty barren. It was several years before they got help putting in plants and some grass. They thought they could manage it all by themselves after everything was in place. It wasn't long before they realized that any grass is too much grass.

Little did they know that despite infrequent rain everything would grow, grow, grow. And boy did it! But the grass needed to be watered often, and soon started to decline. A few years later they found themselves with plants and vines out of control and mostly dead grass. 

They needed a change in plan. Wanting to water less for a variety of reasons and being inspired by the simplicity of the desert they came up with a fairly simple solution. They hoped it would be easier to maintain and better for the earth and their wallets...a beautiful sea of small rocks, a scattering of succulents and some simple ground cover. 

Lupe, who had worked with several neighbors, brought their vision to life.  They battle some weeds in the ground cover and beds, but the whole set up is much more doable and requires
much less water. And they love the simple look.

Food Forward will be a guest at this garden. Food Foward picks and distributes donated fruit for humanitarian purposes. Are you interested in donating excess fruit from your trees? Find out more at this garden.