1307 Palms Boulevard

These homeowners wanted a garden that suites their house which looks like a cottage. They also wanted to stop watering a collection of weeds called a lawn. They removed the grass and laid blue stone with a variety of ground cover that should be drought tollerant once it’s established. The crows keep pulling it up looking for food! 

Close to the house they created large beds for cut flowers, color and viisual impact. At the center of the yard there’s a tall fountain with recirculating water that the big dogs in the neighborhood love. 

In they backyard they did the same thing and added a lovely climbing rose to soften a stucco wall. There's a small herb and vegetable garden at the back door. There are also several large pots that are mini gardens. One side yard is a succulent garden, another is pea gravel with some lilies to add color. They used gravel and a variety of plants to freshen the gardens around a rental house also on the property. 

Finally, between their garages, is a large pot with succulents that looks like an under water garden. The pot is flanked by bakers racks with pots of succulents. There's a well established rose garden with about twenty bushes that is lovely in the spring. There are a few plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. 

The major work was completed Fall, 2012. They are adding plants as the
seasons dictate and expect many of them to reseed for next year.

They didn’t intend to attract crows but it seems they really like what we’ve done with the garden. 

Landscaper Maria K. Kane and Ronnie Cuthbertson will be at the garden to answer questions.

This garden is Mar Vista adjacent, just west of the Zone 6.