3515 Kelton Avenue

These homeowners began work on their front yard in the fall of 2008. The yard was just a dried out lawn and they knew that the area received too much sun to sustain a new lawn. They decided to use California native plants in the front yard, surrounded by mulch. They were inspired by other native plant and succulent gardens in their neighborhood. 

They worked with landscaper Horacio Cerutti of Sierra Landscapes to create the plan. The idea was to have a low maintenance yard that did not require much water to sustain itself. 

Horacio installed a low drip irrigation system in the front that supplies water to the plants. They water the plants twice a week in the summer and just once a week in the rainy months. 

Some of the plants that have grown are just naturally popping up and others were planted using cuttings from their neighbor's garden! Their yard is constantly a work in progress and they are always excited to see how it will continue to change and grow with their family.