3368 Cabrillo Boulevard - Map 6N

This house had a typical 1950's suburban wasteland grass lawn bordered with shrub roses. Hardly appropriate in a permanently drought ridden arid zone!  So...the homeowners disconnected the irrigation and let the (mostly) crabgrass die, then set about digging out the sod piece by piece.  

The intention is to create a drought tolerant garden and so, from consulting a few cactus and succulents websites, they gathered their collection. The majority of plants were purchased at the Sunday Mar Vista Farmers' Market. The biggest find is the tall succulents which were originally one huge plant. The previous owner wanted them removed from his front yard in Culver City, so much like a pet adoption, the plant has now started a new life under the care of these homeowners.

This is a work in progress. Their motto is "give it a try and don't be hung up about whether a plant will survive." That's the fun of gardening: labor and sweat mixed with research and good luck!