3919 Alla Road

This edible landscape was planted in October, 2012. The owners wanted a real family garden where their children could grow up in touch with nature. They designed and build the fence, pergola, raised boxes and chicken coup, and did research on raising chickens and organic gardening.

They called upon garden designer Linda McKendry to help guide them  with the design concept and choice of plants.

The old water thirsty turf was replaced by native sod, which reduces water use by 50%. Front garden beds were filled with Mediterranean and California native plants interspersed with herbs and edibles.

In the back garden  a fence planted  with  Rosa 'Polka' , Blackberry  and Sweet peas separates the area where the chickens  roam freely from  the lawn. Raised beds are filled  with rotating crops of seasonal vegetables. A blueberry hedge is a new addition while the old lemon tree continues to provide  a bounty  of fruit.

This is a first year garden planted with love and attention to organic  growing principles. You're invited to come and enjoy!