3539 Greenwood Avenue

This property - including the hardscape and landscaping - was thoroughly remodeled 2007. The original front yard was an abandoned grass patch with 2 wonderful trees: a Japanese plum and a Maelaluca. The goal was to create an inviting PRIVATE and USABLE FRONT YARD to be enjoyed for morning coffee, reading and lounging in the sun WHILE  avoiding any construction debris to be carted out to landfills as well as preserving TREES AND EXISTING PLANTS.

The original Japanese red plum tree became the central feature of the yard. The original front door and the entrance steps to the gallery were removed and relocated to allow this tree to remain in its original location. The new yard is built around this magnificent tree; the house and French doors arere painted in the colors of its leaves and trunk.

The garden palette is dark, light and blue greens, punctuated by occasionally flowering irises and two original rose bushes that were preserved. The choice was to limit the plant species to tall New Zealand grasses, Siberian irises and succulents, as well as including areas of gravel and poured-in-place concrete pavers, to reduce the need of watering. The installation of a large TREX deck as continuation of the original narrow front porch allows for outdoor seating

Green rolling hills were built with construction debris and dirt excavated for new foundations, providing privacy and noise reduction from the street, most plants were recycled from existing back and side yards or donated from other properties. As they grew and multiplied, they were moved to  fill in spaces to create the existing lush green barrier.

The front yard is open and has no fence, except for the front and side gates. The hills and  strategically placed grasses and succulents not only offer privacy, but effectively create barriers against dogs entering front yard in a area where dog walking is unusually popular.

The original concrete driveway is now cut up into pavers with a 3" separation allowing for the rainwater to seep into the ground. Both concrete side yards were demolished and replaced by Trex decking on the South side and gravel on the North side, allowing surface rain water to seep into a French drain system that transports it into the street to avoid flooding.

There's a drip hose watering system for the large grasses, and a sprinkler system for the grass areas. The system was proved redundant once the plants were established; it's never used between November and  March, since the large grasses and the Maeleluca tree  provide shade to the grass. During the summer months, the system works only for 3-5 minutes twice a week at 4 a.m.

Landscape designer Gabriela Frers will be at the garden.